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Pirates of the Caribbean movie & cast icontest
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Welcome to piratestillness, an icontest community for the movie and cast of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Each week there will be two challenges: a picture challenge and a theme challenge. You may enter either of both of them.

Mods: tirwen_star03 meli_64

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Questions, suggestions, and the like can be posted here

- No animated icons allowed.
- Only submit icons you made yourself.
- For the picture challenge, the only images you're allowed to use are the ones provided (though you may add brushes, textures, etc).
- For the theme challenge, no specific image will be provided, but please adhere to the theme (which could be a color, an emotion, etc). You may use images from either the POTC movies, or a cast member.
- Icons should be within the LJ standards: .png, .jpg, or .gif, and no larger than 40 kb and 100x100 pixels.
- Entries should stay anonymous. The icon you submit should not be posted elsewhere until voting for that challenge has ended.
- Don't vote for yourself, and don't ask people to vote for you.


Comment on the post with your icon and its URL. Like this:


Comments will be screened.
Also, be sure to specify which challenge (picture or theme) each icon you submit is intended for.

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